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Carl Warner

“My work considers the role of visual perception in how we make sense of the world around us, and how photo-media in particular plays off concrete reality against surface illusion. It intends to amplify the creative process in translating visual sense data into mental concepts, or, how mental concepts precede and shape our ways of seeing. It questions ways of seeing by reflecting them.

Dr Sally Butler has written on my work:
‘Warner’s particular strategy in encouraging awareness of visual perception as process is to instigate an experience in shifting consciousness. We are persuaded to recognize the frame of reference surrounding ideas and to consider shifts in our organization of thought. These strategies are apparent in Warner's practice of working in a series where the imagery experiences a duration of change. Repetition is uneven and we encounter unexpected ruptures in the visual syntax of the series. One of Warner's other strategies is to render the detail eloquent. Details in the surface of our visible world become a focus of attention in Warner's art and transform from unseen ubiquity to visible sub-structure. The artist’s refined skill in photographic formalism translates the detail into subject’."

(Carl Warner 2006)